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Terms Of Service

By innerads.com


Universal Terms of Service.

Your selected innerads.com Place-in Plan will run for the number of days selected.

You can call your Place-in Rep. to ask to stop, start, or to change your advertisements.

Place-In Plans are Bill as follows:
7 days up-front on sign up and auto renews every 7 days after.
14 days up-front on sign up and auto renews every 14 days after.
30 days up-front on sign up and auto renews every 30 days after.
90 days up-front on sign up and auto renews every 90 days after.
180 days up-front on sign up and auto renews every 180 days after.
270 days up-front on sign up and auto renews every 270 days after.
360 days up-front on sign up and auto renews every 360 days after.

Place-In Plans are valid until you cancel or the auto renewal charge fail.

Up-front means: The selected Place-In Plans Price multiplied by the Place-In Plans run time.

Place-in Plan Run time: Is the number of days you choose to advertise.

Payments Calculation: The Place-in Plan Price multiplied by number of months (Place-in run time) multiplied by number of countries selected.

• Each additional Place-in Location is charged at the innerads.com Place-in Plan price purchased.

information you will need to provide after signing up and login in.

1.Business and Contact information you would like to use on advertisment design.
2.The country you would like your Advertisment placed-in.
3.A brief description of the product/service you're looking to advertise.
4.Images you would like to use in your advertisment design. (Not A Must)
5.website name or social media page name. (Not A Must)

Get Free Additional Place-in Poster design, in different sizes. Plus, Free campaign creation for every 90 days on an active Place-in Plan.

Refund Policy: You may receive a partial refund if you choose to cancel your Place-in Plan 48-hours after signing up for innerads.com place in plan.

All cancellation requests will be fully reviewed, and your partial refund processed within 30 days of receiving a cancellation request.

Partial refunds are paid by subtracting your active Place-in plan run time and the resources used from your purchased Place-in plan and the Place-in.

Payments for online sign up: If you did not cancel the auto renewal process, your provided billing method will be charged a nonrefundable auto renewal Place-in plan price.

Terms are updated from time to time: By Registering for innerads.com or continuing to use innerads.com Place-in technology after terms update notification, you agree to the innerads.com universal terms or purchased Place-in plan terms.

You will be notified about updates to innerads.com universal terms or Place-in plan terms. By email and you can also visit www.innerads.com for up-to-date details and updates on your purchased Place-in plan.

Your purchased Place-in™ plan price and performance will only be subject to the updates of Place-in plan updated terms.

Your user account will be subject to the innerads.com universal terms.

Legal: The words innerads, innerads.com, Place-in, Place-in Poster, Place-in Motion, Place-in Video, Place-in Advertising Technology™ and Reach More To Sell More are Trade marks (™) of innerads.com.

The words: innerads, innerads.com, Place-in, and Place-in technology are Trademarks ™ of Innerads.com.

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